24 thoughts on “Dynasty Warriors 9 Complete Edition – Announcement Trailer

  1. Hey Koei Tecmo America my wallet is still waiting on that English Nintendo Switch port of Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires! Please bring it over!

  2. despite all the patches, the open world is still empty, lacks of unique landmarks, and all around badly executed. they could've just made all the maps just like in old DW games and just connect them all in exploration Final Fantasy 12 style.

  3. I bought that game when it came out and delete it after 2nhours, it's the worst dynastie game ever and I wait for dynastie warriors 10 so I think this won't happen cuz people are satisfyed with that "open shit"warriors game – _-

  4. Bought the game as soon as it came out. Absolutely love the franchise!
    But this one was a total headache I haven't touched it since.

  5. Couldn't you guys do a limited steelbook edition release that includes everything on disc and an art book? You could make it an Amazon store exclusive item.

  6. They need to let this game die. It was a nice attempt. The concept of open world with a Musou game does not work well together for now. It was too early for it. Maybe a decade ago perhaps it could have been "ok". Stop kicking a dead horse and move on. Make those really awesome collab musou games you have been doing like Persona and Fairy Tale and other such cool ideas.

  7. I've never been so mad at a video game before in my life. I fucking hate this game with a deep, deep passion. I was so mad at how bad it turned out. People who aren't fans might say "oh, it's Dynasty Warriors what do you expect?" But man you really don't understand if you don't play the games. I'm telling you, as a really fucking passionate DW fan for 20 years, this game hurt me. It's just so awful in every single way. They completely got lazy with every aspect. The voice acting for English is so abysmal that it completely ruins every interaction. The open world is the ABSOLUTE WORST, and the laziest most pathetic attempt at making an open world I have ever seen. The shoe horned crafting system is garbage. I mean just every single thing is so bad. Fuck DW9 and the stain it left on the series. They better not fucking keep this style for whatever comes next, because hell no. The series will die. Just keep improving and iterating on the style we all love, I beg you. And one more thing, fuck DW9.

  8. Давно пора , слишком много длс и дороже игры выходит

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