Dota 2 – Play it like Kaipi

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Dota 2 – Play it like Kaipi
Scenes are taken from the following MatchID: 304665947
Tournament: Star Ladder Season VII
Commentary by:
Tobi Wan:

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Intro by swordz:
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43 thoughts on “Dota 2 – Play it like Kaipi

  1. Eternal Envy-sama who arth in heaven,
    hallowed be your mouse.
    Your mercy come,
    your draft be done,
    in matchmaking, as it is in captains.
    Give us this day our daily dota,
    and forgive us our inferior tactics,
    as we also have forgiven those less skilled.
    And lead us not into [A] fanboyism,
    but deliver us #TI4.

  2. The Alliance, my favourite 'Western' team – Current International Champions
    Kaipi, my favourite 'Eastern' team – Future Interational Champions.

  3. sing sing is the hero – i love him more than dendi and mushi…. he is funny and yes strong next year my bet is kaipi next champion of TI4

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