Dota 2 Cheater – ZEUS with FULL PACK OF CHEATS, MUST SEE!!!

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37 thoughts on “Dota 2 Cheater – ZEUS with FULL PACK OF CHEATS, MUST SEE!!!

  1. Оставляй его стим id, пусть кто видит – репортит сразу.

  2. I had a scripted Arc Warden as my enemy. His name was "I give mid tutorials" all he played was Arc Warden and won every match getting rampage almost every time with about 0 deaths. Reported to DotA and steat hope his account gets deleted

  3. its a fucking joke if you're too stupid to get it i feel bad for you. btw u can literally see the wards on the minimap.
    how can anybody think he's cheating when u can see the wards on the map?? also he's worse than a herald.

  4. This game was all pick or really low mmr
    These plays from both teams gave me eye cancer
    It 34 minutes and 0 Bkb from radiant, and no pipe (may be there was but I didn't see it)
    Ta was bad as well
    But this doesn't matter, hope zeus get vac not only by ip, but PC too

  5. Playing a zeus and says "does more damage than the entire team". Hello? you're a fucking zeus, if you're not doing huge amount of damage you're a noob.

  6. If i was on the zeus team Id "accidently" make us loose.
    Especially if my team agrees.
    And then mass report that guy together with the enemy.

    When there is a cheater on any team, the 9 other players should band together and wreck his life!
    Dota comunity vs cheaters!

  7. Rerard Zeus.
    Sais he can see Legion tp to bot jungle.
    But then doesnt move away from bot lane and letting himself get killed by her.

    Just shows that cheating does nothing if you suck at the game.

  8. Only other place I heard someone use 'ur mother' insluts as much as this guy is leag of legend players.
    Im 100% certain this cheater is just a league player who is trolling the superior game

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