DOTA 1 – Lich + Spectre COMBO = RAMPAGE!!!

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In this video Dota 1 Lich Gameplay Supporting Spectre = Rampage
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About Hero

Ethreain, the Lich, is a ranged intelligence hero that uses his abilities to slow his enemies down with his ice-based attacks, as well as giving a boost to ally defenses, and serves as a great teamfight ganker with his powerful ultimate. He can use Sacrifice to easily level up and keep his mana high, making him very good at harassing in the early stages of the game. While a relatively frail hero and mostly known as a support, he can prove to be a force to be reckoned and mighty foe to stand with as he can render the attempts of multiple enemies futile with his ultimate, Chain Frost. Lich is a powerful crowd controller and can easily turn a teamfight, or dominate in a lane.

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27 thoughts on “DOTA 1 – Lich + Spectre COMBO = RAMPAGE!!!

  1. Spectre has all, he has dispersion to reduce and spread radiance like damage within 1000 range of area, he has desolate that cuts through the most hardest defense and deals true damage(just perfect anti bristleback or any strengthagility tank hero). Spectre is even more tanky than most of the tanks in the game, when he has mantaits also hard to distinguish which is the true spectre because his illusion has also dispersion that makes it tanky making the enemy think the illusion is the real spectre. He can also chase or switch positions while using Haunt that makes it hard for low HP enemies to flee from his blade, specially after using his dagger to slow the enemies, and also giving him the capability to walk through any type of terrain without any empediments. And combined all of his abilities, given practical items, spectre can be the most terrifying hero in the late game, a 1vs 5 isn't far from possible.

  2. Baltazar you play support heroes very well. I'd live to see you play Pit lord or Necrolic in your next. Please consider 😁🤗

  3. How does it feel to play with balta when he 's your support hero? Does it make you feel like you're invulnerable? ;D

  4. you play APEM = easy mode and u wanna call you good player? LOL ! ? ahahhahaah
    come and play with uss.. just 2 3 games only 🙂 Pro player ^^

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