Hola my beautiful YT fam! I’m back with the New Dose of Colors Meet Your Hue foundation review & first impressions for oily skin with 10 hr wear test, a surprised goodie bag, and to top it all off its my first high end foundation review. lol. A lot is happening in this video ☺️ Soooo the question is, did I meet my Hue?
I really hope you enjoy ❤️
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  1. So,Are you saying it's kind of an in between matte and dewy?Or is it real matte?Cuz I'm 40 and even though I have really good skin and look alot younger than my age(or that's what everyone tells me😂)And I'm finding that real matte foundations dry me out so bad now and show my pores horribly.And I can see fine lines and all starting so I need to it looks great on you!

  2. I agree with you, being a latina with olive undertones makes it hard to find the right shade of foundation. I often struggle with that. I saw that you mixed two foundation of the born this way. Which of the two did you mixed?? I have a similar skin tone to you

  3. New subscriber!!! Yay! I’m so happy I found you 😊 plus we kinda look like the same complexion and that’s a plus. Xoxo

  4. I couldn't tell that you didn't match your hue. It actually looked good to me, but you are the expert, so you probably have a more specific expectation. Looks like a quality foundation.

  5. I love a little dewiness. Love your passion for these products and am happy I know where to go for advice 👍🏻

  6. I think I might actually get this foundation since you like how it wore. Sucks you couldn't find your match. That cotton candy was huge lol. That palette is so cute I can't wait to see you use it. I love the Dose of Colors glosses because they are so beautiful and not too sticky

  7. Thank you so much for this video. I want to order the foundation and you made it so much easier to do. Love dose of colors.

  8. Hello never used thus one love they have every color in the rainbow 10 hours okay can't wait to see if it lasts love the look and that shadow color i love drug store foundation to cotton candy love cotton candy love the icecream palette so cute love this one will check it out

  9. Wow I’m really loving this foundation! You got lots of great goodies in your dose of colors bag! I always prefer the beauty sponge side too!!🙌🏼♥️

  10. ok I know in your pic the hue seemed a little off but if you hadn't said that I would say that this is still a SUPER great shade match for you. Wow the wear on it looks so good because even though you have oil coming through at the 10hr mark it mixed in with your foundation and looks so natural and glowy in the BEST way possible!!

  11. OKAY I love the brushed side for sure and I think it complements your oiler skin so well! Would you ever suggest using some foundations as concealers? Even at the end of the day, your makeup still looked BOMB! It sucks it wasn't a perfect match but it looked so beautifully on you still!! 💛

  12. I always love your reviews, babe. I am a fan of dose of colors! I may try this foundation when it’s in Ulta! ❤️💋

  13. Gosh I just found out the owner was from YouTube recently. You are the first one I’ve seen so a wear test I really appreciate that. Because the other people who wore it it looked very dewy. So I wasn’t sure how it would last on combo oily skin.

  14. I love how pretty the frosted glass is on some foundation bottles,BUT…It tends to make it much harder to look and see of it's your match,where on a clear bottle you can see the foundation shade better ,like the new Loreal invaluable one and my makeup forever ultra HD.But I think My Holy grail in foundations rtnow.Are it!cosmetics cc cream in light/medium
    Loreal infallible freshwear(forgot the shade)
    Makeup forever ultra HD
    Toofaced Born this way
    E.L.F. flawless finish
    Wet n wild photofocus liquid
    COLOURPOP Stick!

  15. Wow I love this foundation on you! It’s super hard for me to find my perfect color so I just use the maybelline super stay!

  16. It such a pretty foundation! & it’s awesome that it kept up even though it’s hot! I really want to try Dose of colors. You’re convincing me girl!

  17. I'm not Latina at all,but I've got some Italian in me and that's how I have an olive to neutral undertone
    It's hard to find my undertone in foundatioms.

  18. I'm at the mid to end shade in the light category in most foundations with a neutral/olive undertone,and I think this is for me!

  19. YOU ARE LOOKING TOTALLY FLAWLESS, SUCH A ICON <3! This foundation looks amazing, it was nice hearing your opinions. I love how passionate you are about makeup. I loved this.

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