Doraemon comics [English ] ~ Volume 1

Doraemon ( ドラえもん? ) or Doraemon , is a Japanese manga author Fujiko Fujio were composed in 1969 for the purpose originally intended for children ages. The work was later adapted into the episode animated short, long with other genres such as theater, video games . The series is about a robotic cat named Doraemon come from 22 century to help a clumsy boy named class 4 Nobita . The story of Doraemon often brief, straightforward, witty and bring the optimism about future life as well as the development of science – engineering. Doraemon has won many awards comics in Japan and has been hailed by TIME Asia selected as one of 22 prominent figures of Asia [2] . Since its creation, Doraemon is not only seen as comic characters and leading popular in Japan , it also became a cultural symbol of this country and many countries are children ‘s World favorite.


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