35 thoughts on “Dji Phantom 4 Pro Firmware Update V01.02.0304 DJI assistant 2

  1. Hello! I finished playing with the remote control of my P4P+. experimented with installing applications and accidentally erased recovery.img file via ROM installer program. this file is responsible for reboot when flashing, for example. now I can not flash the remote, do not reset to the factory settings. could you send me the original recovery.img file? thanks in advance. Mark

  2. I’m very glad to have a community of helpful operators out there to share knowledge that DJI should be. They should pay you for this.

  3. hi everybody , i want only to share what i encounter to my P4P . if i recorded a video when i flying its only consumed approximately one battery and the next battery i fly again it appear in the screen the videos memory card is full , actually i put 32gb how comes it easily full , kindly help me to solve this problem. thank you

  4. I just got my Phantom 4 Pro V2.0 This an excellent video on the process. One question: When I hooked mine up and checked…it showed me to have the latest firmware. So, how would I have disconnected properly? When I pulled out the USB a tab popped on my computer telling me I did not disconnect properly. No damage was done…the drone flew nicely Just not sure of how to disconnect properly.

  5. My update was interrupted even my battery was 100 %, now there is no connection anymore with the remote neither with the iPad , is any way I could fix that at home? Without sending the drone somewhere? Thank you in. Advance

  6. sorry for my bad english…
    yesterday i have update my p4p firmware..
    after finish my p4p stoping at 30m distance and the all led are show red…
    please help my problem…
    thanks for the response…

  7. This was a great help for me. i just got my phantom 4 pro and taking the time to make sure I do everything right before operating it.

  8. Nothing I have seen about uggrades to pro plus phantom 4 on youtube makes any sense. I am told by the controller Plus unit that updates are required, but on touching the screen it just goes to nothing. On downloading dji assistant 2 to my PC it doesnt look anything like what you show in your video, just a technical toolbox of things to change in the programming. The copter flies ok without downloading anything, why should any product be this complex? I am a pro photographer, I rely on this to make a living, and had hoped I was buying something I could use. I use plenty of programs in my work but having to rely on gossipy geeks to service a work tool really is no good. Next stop DJI, but if they are anything like they sound it's going to be gruesome

  9. As anyone experienced any issue with the new iOS firmware update? I can't see the camera anymore on my iPad Air 2, but the light next to the SD card slot on the Phantom is blinking red. ???

  10. thanks for sharing! I've got Assistant 2 downloaded and will update my bird this week using this particular method. Thanks for the walkthrough!

  11. The firmware updates over the last day or so have greatly improved my gimbal tilt issues. This has been my biggest problem. And it looks like they also addressed my other issue with my P4P. That problem caused the P4P to climb and go into a hover when RTH is engaged when flying into a bright sun that is low in the sky. I guess the P4P sensors think the sun is a object that it can not fly over.

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