DJI Assistant Full Walkthrough & Tutorial

Take a look at the list below to find and download the proper version of DJI Assistant for your drone:

Assistant 2 v1.2.4
Mavic Air
Mavic Pro
Mavic Pro Platinum
Inspire 2
DL link:

DJI Assistant 2 For Mavic v2.0.4
Mavic 2 Zoom
Mavic 2 Pro
Mavic 2 Enterprise
DL link:

DJI Assistant 2 For Phantom v2.0.6
Phantom 4
Phantom 4 Advanced
Phantom 4 Professional
Phantom 4 Professional V2.0
DL link:


DJI Flight Simulator:

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43 thoughts on “DJI Assistant Full Walkthrough & Tutorial

  1. Honestly I have every DJI drone ever made and I cannot honestly say I have had any use ever for the assistant app. Everything is so easily controlled directly firmware updates immediately everything really no reason for assistance. Other than sending DJI your personal information these drones do not fail or at least I have never had a single hiccup and all of the thousands and thousands of dollars I’ve spent on DJI drones have never seen one fail yet unless due to pilot error

  2. too bad DJI, (dickheads just incompetence)disabled the advanced characteristics that were possible on the old versions of the software.

  3. Got a SPARK as a gift and can’t get anyone to help with it, DJI seems to hide their number. Can even set the home point on this drone. WTH .

  4. watching ur videos is so frustrating. u talk so fast its very difficult to keep up with ur paceand understanding everything what u said .. I mean y u need to do so ? what the rush ? no matter how informative ur video is, if u r unable to deliverable the content to ur audience in a proper way, its of no use. thumbs down to the video

  5. Thanks for this, I was having a brand new battery issue where it would not charge it just stayed on 2 blinking green lights. I came here to YouTube to see what people suggested to do and came upon a guy that talked you through all of what you needed to do and bam it was fixed. I just happen across this and it has great things that you need to do. I’ve been flying for 3 yrs off and on and you just don’t hear near enough about the DJI assistant app and how important it is to download and use it more than the WiFi way

  6. Hey I got a ronin mx for some days and used the dji ASSISTANT app.
    Apparently I was the first person using that and tried a username and a password but I putted the first username a password.
    Can I reset it all? So if someone will use it again don't have to connect with this name and password?
    Is really important and I need to do it ASAPP


  7. how do I get the drone to show up on the software to check updates? it does not show up at all. I have the assist 2 opened and connected the drone to mac via cable but nothing is happening

  8. Hey i know you are not DJI but I can't get anywhere with them. I tried to download the assistant download for my Mavic Pro and when I try to open it I get a pop up telling me that the administrator is preventing me from opening this app? This from two of my own pc computers. I don't know who the administrator is? Any help??

  9. Hello. And whats happen if I need DJI asistant for Phantom 3 Pro? Is there any ways to operate? I did doawnload the firmare already and it result with failures… So i want to try via the computer. Is there any way? Thanks

  10. Dji assistance 2 for mavic is frustrating won’t detect device e.g Mavic 2 pro . There are numerous of people experiencing this. Can I fix the issue ?

  11. Greeting. Sorry to ask you, but can you help me … DJI Mavic pro I have a problem. Gimbal works, I have a samsung A6 2018 … I have video upload but I can not switch to video recording, no red keys, and no video settings. I tried Firware via computer and mobile, DJI Assistant 2 but did not make it to the end, fit to 40% .. Hellllppppp

  12. Hi Billy, Thanks for tutorial but the software does not work with Windows 8.1 . Any one got it working? The Program cannot see the P4.

  13. does the drone have to be connected FIRST? I cant even find the screen that you are showing even when i type in

  14. My Dji assist won't recognise the Mavic Pro no matter how many times I use a different cable or download the software or use another pc?

  15. I forgot that DJI had desktop app for updating your software. Thanks for the excellent tutorial video, I'm downing loading it now.

  16. Using the Assistant 2, I could not connect my Mavic Air to the computer because I had to recalibrate my vision sensors.. I was cut off 3 times from the chat room. I finally called customer support. They could not access the mavic air icon screen from the connection screen on the Assist. I tried cable changing. I tried deinstall and reinstall without any luck. They finally advised me to send my Mavic Air to repair and gave me a case number. Their software doesn't work. I reviewed several blogs and confirmed similar issues. Has anyone else had issues like this???

  17. I downloaded the DJI Assistant 2 V 1.2.4 which I believe is current. I turned on the Quad. I turned on the controller. I was able to get to the page which shows a diagram of the USB connection to the MacBook Pro. When I connected the USB cable to the computer, nothing happens….there is no connection where I would see a Mavic Air icon, and thus try to Recalibrate the vision system. Do you have any ideas??

  18. DJI has no idea how to document their shit. I have tried to install this shit assistant on pc and mac os. Pc does not see the mavic or my goggles. And YES I am using the correct app version. Mac app just hangs or crashes. Total fucking garbage. Fuck DJI

  19. Are you running Windows 10? I always have an issue getting this program to run on Windows 10 without restarting with doing a "Driver Enforcement" inactivation – real PIA… If you were able to resolve this requirement, please let me know

  20. I tried to download this app and it did not work. I never could get the side menu to even show up. Tried it on my MacBook Pro and it still wouldn’t work at all. Can u show a video of downloading it and software requirements?

  21. Thumbs up! I’ve had Assistant 2 in one version or another (which ever new drone I’ve recently purchased) but never used it. Thanks for posting this video! Very useful.

  22. Hey Billy, very nice overview and tutorial, I will be forwarding this video to a friend who needs to watch this. It was a pleasure meeting you this weekend and thanks again for all the ins-and-outs of the drone software.

  23. From what I understand, the flight data off of the M2 aircraft is encrypted where Airdata can't read it. Same for Air from what I've heard. This is disappointing as you can't fully diagnose issues when the go app crashes or RC lost connection to the AC.

  24. Hi,
    I received the mavic 2 Enterprise and what a disappointment compared to the mavic 2 pro.
    I should say that you don’t get much for what you pay for.
    Not many people made videos after it’s release except the unboxing etc.
    The software was trimmed to the minimum without any flight mode which could be of great help for search and rescue or accessing structures etc.
    If you have one, can you do a review of all the features or lack of!
    If dji doesn’t upgrade it the way it should be, that could be a big failure on their part in my opinion.


  25. I agree with you about Airdata as well and I’ve been using this for quite awhile now. Keep up the good work Billy I appreciate it. Thanks again for your tutorials they are excellent. I really wish the DJI Simulator would work for OS X but so far it’s only available for Windows. Do you have any idea if DJI is ever going to release this for OS X?

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