26 thoughts on “DJI Assistant 2 v1.1.2 – Enable Dev Tools

  1. So having access to the airframe setup means you could take the internals from one drone, a spark for example, and add it to an S1000?

  2. Hi my friend. I would like to let the cinematic slow down at speed. It looks like this: 0.8999999761581421.

    Can you tell me what it would be like to stay less speedy?

  3. Where Idea where I can update my phantom 3 Advanced firmware. Havent flown for a long while and the drone cant take off… I the app suggest to update firmware but there is no Firmware on the DJI APP. I tried your method by the files are no in the directory to follow along… Please Help

  4. I just find the way to activate developer mode (debug) DJI Assistant 2 (1.2.4) just download the "app.asar" and replace it with new one. [Just in case back up old one]

  5. would you have a working link to getting hold of dji assistant 2 v1.1.2 have looked everywhere and all links i have found are dead .. thanks

  6. Hi I'm using fw 1.4.100 but noticed on using the dji asisstant 1.1.2 the flight parameter was disabled…when I tried to change the parameters it would not allow me to alter…any idea how to change this…also I noticed could not change mgs settings …

  7. I’m using Assistant 2.12 on my Spark and down graded to firmware 1.00.701 but I still can’t find g_flying_limit_height_limit_enabled, g_config_airport_limit_cfg_cfg_disable_airport_fly_limit, or g_config_airport_limit_cfg_cfg_limit_data. I really would like to disable no fly zones and height restrictions but have no idea why these settings are not available to me in firmware 1.00.701. Does anyone have any ideas?

  8. I DO have a pretty big surprise coming for those of you with brave souls and a DJI Spark! It's not DevTools, but it's a nifty little utility I'm working on that will be of use to at least SOME of you! Won't give away any more than that. Stay tuned! Subscribe, and hit that bell notification icon to be sure you don't miss out on the video release of that new utility!

  9. M1dn1ght N1nj4…None of the DJI Assistant 2s will read my FW version now. It says it can't tell and to RETRY. Phone APP reads current version correctly. Is that a know problem somewhere?

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