Device Manager Empty in Windows computer

If you are trying to update or install a driver and you find that the Device Manager is blank, it just adds on to the problem you are already facing. It can be confusing but there’s a simple solution for it.

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23 thoughts on “Device Manager Empty in Windows computer

  1. My computer is still empty n my plug n play is also automatic n is started but I can't see devices in device manager please reply this🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  2. Despite the solutions I've looked up, Fixwin, Plug and Play, registry, everything seems to have failed.

    I might have to format my drive or something. I've tried nearly every solution but the last resorts.

  3. my device manager is blank and when i checked my startup type it already says automatic and i can't select it. please help!

  4. I have got virus(torojan) in my laptop and my anti virus not able to fix it.

    please kindely tell me what should i do????

  5. my network adapter disappeared from windows (7 home basic) device manager and couldn't connect to internet due to wifi network adapter issue. However, I installed ubuntu and wifi was working fine in it and could connect to internet. Why is that ubuntu detect the wifi network adapter which windows failed to do? How should i fix this in windows? 

  6. after following your instructions, the device mgr is still empty. I have just reassembled a HP DV2000 (xp) and cleaned the fan. All devices and wires were properly placed back in place. However, when I run the machine, there is no internet, keyboard and touch pad do not work connection. The screen is fine and USB keyB and mouse do work. Any idea how to fix this? Thanks so much in advance.

  7. man please help me.. i have sound on my computer,games,music , but when i open video on my web browser and other sites that plays sound there is no sound ..

  8. Well I have a problem. My computer recently made no sound. I tried turning off the computer. Nothing. So I put my headphones, and it worked. I went on yahoo to ask questions, but non of them helped. One did help me a little. But it made it worse. Now I can't hear anything. What do I do?

  9. Iyogi, that was a brilliant video. thanks. Hopefully i can resolve network adaptor issues through device manager to enable the use of internet 🙂 Happy 2013

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