CUSCO PERU: Eating AUTHENTIC Local Peruvian Food with a Local CHEF – Ep. 3 | Peru 2019 Travel Vlog

Peru Ep.3 We arrive to Cusco Puer and right away get started eating delicious authentic Peruvian food with a local chef. (con subtitulos)

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We finally arrived in Cusco. Join us as we are invited into the home of a talented Local chef who shows us what REAL AUTHENTIC Peruvian food is all about. Not to mention shows us some incredible plants that can literally “Take You To Another World”..😂

We also get an inside look of how one community of Peruvians make their clothing and how they naturally get the incredible colors that makes their clothing so special. It’s incredible how talented, passionate and dedicated these women of Peru are. Wait til you see their skills.
The place in this video is called Alpacasarie. Located in a small town within Cusco.
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36 thoughts on “CUSCO PERU: Eating AUTHENTIC Local Peruvian Food with a Local CHEF – Ep. 3 | Peru 2019 Travel Vlog

  1. Oh hey y'all! Thanks so much for watching guys! We appreciate each and every one of you watching our videos 🙌 Hit that like button and Subscribe for more if you haven't alread. Perhaps you would like to see even more? Check our stories and photos at

  2. I just learned that they had Spanish subtitles; beautiful couple; greetings and congratulations from Lima (do11viii2019) -Peru-America.

  3. Recién me entero de que tenían subtítulos en castellano; bella pareja; saludos y felicitaciones desde Lima (do11viii2019)-Perú-América.

  4. we're always so curious how's Peru food looks and taste like…is it seems like brazilian kinda food?? great vlog guys…thanks for sharing 🙂

  5. Anyone that goes to Cusco need to rest and drink the coca tea for a few hours when you first get there to acclimate to the altitude. My sister and granddaughter got very sick did not rest since we were schedule a tour right away.

  6. Omg that elevation change sounded brutal! I have always heard Peru was a beautiful country, you both made it look so wonderful and EASY which is the hardest part.

  7. A beautiful video again. Quick question: Where is the store that you stopped by and bought the Alpaca stuff? How to find it? Thanks again!

  8. Love your style! We didnt quite have an idea how to piece together our japan trip but this inspires us for our next trip. I went to Peru many years ago so awesome to relive through you guys!

  9. Hey Turn It Up World!!! Love this adventure and it was so cool seeing you adventuring. Loved that red color stuff that they put the lemon juice on and it turned orange.. and watching the ladies weave those textiles.. so beautiful!! Did you guys try ayahuasca???? Loved seeing you try the food at the restaurant!! Great video and have a great day!! <3

  10. beautiful video. nice channel. new friend here supporting your channel. you know what to do. thanks in advance.

  11. Great video guys. Thoroughly enjoyed it and will go back and check out earlier videos. Peru is now on our list of places to visit. Beautiful!!

  12. Looks awesome! We want to go in January/February.
    We just stayed at an alpaca farm two days ago but didn’t know you could eat them lol

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