Crypto Mining Game V2 Tutorial – Part 3 – Fight with your cards!

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In this third part of tutorials about Crypto Mining Game version 2…

We are going to fight with our cards!

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33 thoughts on “Crypto Mining Game V2 Tutorial – Part 3 – Fight with your cards!

  1. explain to me how to earn 5000 points per day at Crypto miningWar as Elomaster???? cheatttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

  2. I have been in the game for 1 day…and it is hard to find someone with a deck!!! Thanks for the detail!! USERNAME: JUANJOSE333

  3. PLEASE make a limit for attack it suck so hard if someone finds you and attack 100 times + because he know he wins that sucks i cant be 24 hour online to run away

  4. Love playing the games with the cards, however so many players have gotten rid of their deck so you can not attack. Otherwise it is a fun game. username- bjudd

  5. Ah… So the winner sees: "You have won 1000 whatevers"
    And the loser sees: "You have lost 2000 whatevers"
    And you keep the change and no one's the wiser..!???

  6. Making progress. Next can you expand on the card stats? I don't understand how one card is better than another. Thanks Jamboom!

  7. Can i loose cards or demage there levels in a "fight"? Or are all cards allways safe and loosing a game dosn't hurt in any way?: user: SliverHH

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