49 thoughts on “Crypto Mining Game V2 Tutorial – Part 1 – The Card's Bonus!

  1. sorry for posting here .. cant find link for facebook page … and support ticket for CMG .. just want to inform that upgrading cards is unavailable .. please check fb page link ( page not found or removed ).. more power to cmg

    working now

  2. Hello. I made a withdrawal to a bitcoin wallet on FAUCETHUB 2019-10-23 08: 44: 01 in the amount of 50493, and still hangs that approved. When will the funds be transferred to my wallet? My nickname azyama77

  3. Strange bug or idk how call it, but hacker missions not giving hacker cards (mission report says, what i found some cards, but in cards menu i see same amount as before)

  4. Hello Admin! After the update, there are no passing missions! How to earn crystals and level up?

    I know that work is still underway to fix errors! Good luck.
    Username: maxa69

  5. please make a one more video for complete mission tell me how to use eexplore spy attack ctypto currency and every things are show me in there my drone will not back from explor he tell me after 1 day 5 hour help me plz sir..i am miner level 20

  6. Jamboon good evening! i'm kind desappointed with the new version, my mining drops so fast before the new version released i was mining 1200 litoshi per hour now it's 900 on my account really? And all my 148 mining boost gone from my account please fix it and i'll be glad for it.
    Username: Missd17
    Miner level 17

  7. please i need help how can i do the mission i am level 18 since the new version and i have lost from how to do the mission

  8. would you be so kind to give me indonsia subtitle on your youtube video? I don't understand what you said? by the way my name is edoasp123
    nice to meet you.

  9. Cool game but the ads are killin the game play! Just to many popups, bot checker links exit the game, or opens popups in background. Sometimes it crashes! Make the game more player friendly. Then you will start gaining more members.

  10. Donde puedo consegir informacion sobre las cartas y su uso en español ya que he buscado para utilizarlas y no he conseguido nada

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