19 thoughts on “Control Your eWelink Devices From Your PC(No emulator, No apps)

  1. great for hobbyists but not any use at all for real world app where you dont want to use a moble and have 20 rooms with 4 ch in each room cant see my wife running it she cant use a PC at cmd /etc 🙂

  2. hello everything works 🙂 just when i put the link in google chrome so it's cool but when i create a bat file it doesn't respond to the command could you tell me? Thanks

  3. great tutorial, now i can control my lamp from web with easypeasy haha
    but i want to know, is sonoff have database server?

  4. Thank you so much for such a great video! I was looking for a way to trigger Sonoff devices for my IoT Home project. your video helped alot!!

  5. Thanks,works perfectly on windows 10 pro with the Sonoff S20, S26, Sonoff RF and Sonoff Slampher RF (all R2 versions).

  6. This system simply does not work as it is under Windows 10 Pro. It requires administrative rights for the batch file to work. Only way to do it is to create shortcuts for the batch files and then grant it administative privileges to the shortcuts to execute.

  7. I'm choosing between SmartLife noname devices and eWelink (sonoff) for my home automation. Which one is the better and why? In future i'am planning to use that devices in Openhab+mqtt environment (without chineese cloud).

  8. Bellissima guida. Mi sono perso quando tu apri la cartella Ewelink, che tu hai creato sul desk. Aprendola, salvi un blocco note in .bat, non capisco da dove vengono gli altri due script, grazie comunque. Bravo.

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