Compact Color Laser Multifunction Printer: HP MFP 179fnw Review

Find one at our sponsor Blue Dog Ink – use the code LONSAVE5 and receive an additional 5% off your order! HP’s MFP 179fnw is a very compact color laser printer and multifunction fax/scanner/copier that offers the advantages of a color laser printer in a form factor that’s close in size to an ink jet. See more printers: and subscribe!

01:49 – Hardware Overview
01:57 – Dimensions
02:26 – Weight
02:37 – Front Panel
02:42 – Toner
03:38 – Drum
04:03 – Why use Laser vs Inkjet ?
05:04 – Paper Handling
05:38 – No Manual Feeder
05:57 – No Duplexing
06:19 – Ports
06:42 – Functions
06:54 – ADF Capacity
07:08 – Scanner
07:16 – Connect it directly to the network for easier setup
07:38 – Setup Issues
08:45 – Black and White Document Print
09:39 – Color Document Print
11:54 – Scanning
13:31 – Flatbed Copy
14:12 – Photo Scanning
14:41 – Conclusion

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23 thoughts on “Compact Color Laser Multifunction Printer: HP MFP 179fnw Review

  1. Brother is way better monochrome will work better this color stuff is just another way to make you pay more money for no reason

  2. Clearly, like most devices, this is a loss-leader device if the first set of consumables cost as much as the printer! And… you claim your advertiser is cheaper than Amazon. Amazon is $100 lower than MSRP (ship and sold by Amazon, not 3P). Your advertiser is $2 below MSRP as of 8/26/2019.

  3. Here in Canada the toner cartidges are about $CDN230 each and the drum is about $CDN300. So a complete toner change will be over $CDN 1100 and with the drum will be about 1500. That needs to be budgeted for. The costs are similar for other laser printers. so your TCO per year for an averae business wil be about $1500 a year in it intended market.

  4. Hi Lon! Great review. The no duplexing is a deal killer. Are there color laser printers that do a good job of printing out color photos?

  5. Good that they've apparently made firmwares work better for some models. In work we have I think it's HP mfp m277dw and cannot recommend that to anyone. It ran ok for about month and then all of the sudden it began to go for some "cleaning" phases constantly. It made printer really slow, but worst of all it ruined all multi page prints by printing occasional pages without anything or half or any other very bizarre unreadable way. Firmware apparently simply decided to do this cleaning run on printed page, which really didn't work. Found tons of topics about this problem in forums and HP support forums and nobody didn't get it to run the way it was supposed to run. Also official support didn't seem to care about the issue. I updated firmware which was fairly recent then and it didn't do anything. Tried many reset things etc. It was deemed unsuitable for office use and now I'm using in my workshop as I rarely need to print multiple pages at time. Even seller tech support came and changed pretty much everything in printer and problem persists. From my experience Brother printer models seem to be most reliable for actively used printers in offices. It'd actually shame as scanning and print quality generally seems to be maybe slightly better in HP, but the software/firmware is a killer. It felt like model hadn't been tested before going to market at all. Not good HP, not good.

  6. I have a 3 year old hp office Pro inkjet. No problems with ink and always prints great even after 2 weeks without printing. Duplex printings. Fax and prints excellent photos on photo paper. Takes up about the same as this printer. One item that most people are unaware of is the laser printer fuser. This part can be damaged and does have a shelf life. It will need to be replaced one day. That said most users just replaced the printer when that day comes 🙂

  7. 8:00 is that actually required anymore? I own a business and I have a couple of HP LaserJets and on Windows 10 I've just had to go to the settings app, devices, and the printer would show up right there. I would select it and it would set it up in a minute or two. On Linux it just shows up, sometimes I have to install hplip but usually not.

  8. My 5 year old laser type B&W all in one printer still has the starter cartridge that came with the printer. Guess I'm not a very high volume user. That HP looks nice, Lon.

  9. if i got a printer that prints like that, so washed out colors, i would return it

    those diminute toner cartridges won't last 500 pages

  10. i remember i had hp color laser printer in university 9 years ago. they still use the same toner design today? looks like its the same 9 years ago

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