23 thoughts on “Clash of the Titans – Trailer 2

  1. There are some scenes I see in this trailer that wasn't in the movie like Hades in pool screaming, The British girl sitting on the ground screaming and spreading her arms open while Drago and other surround her, the multiple shots of them walking through the desert and plus not to mention the CG on the monsters and Zeus and others looks alot more realistic compare to how it looks in the film and the color filter is all dark where in the film it's all bright and they make the story like it's humans vs Gods and monsters when it wasn't, The marketing for this film was a lie but the bait n switch remake film we gotten was decent.

  2. How do they not show that smokin hot British brunette that was in this movie? Under actors she's mentioned second LOL

    I saw this movie and she's what I remember most about it tbh lol

  3. Big mistake to turn them on each other!They don't follow mythology enough to realise the outcome of those things!

  4. This kraken looked like a cross between the abomination and the cloverfield monster!,this franchise needs a reboot!

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