16 thoughts on “CHUWI HiGame Gaming Test- What games can Intel/AMD powered device play ?

  1. Sized as a sandwich, but it's VR-ready.

    CHUWI HiGame has I7-8709G processor and Vega M GH graphics / I5-8305G processor and Vega M GL graphics

    And unlike Intel Hades Canyon NUC, 8GB RAM, 128GB/256GB SSD, and Windows 10 comes on board.

    Grab the discount to the campaign: https://goo.gl/5jaorx

  2. Hi, where is it possible to see the machine test? I would like to know what the potential of i7 and the graphics card is.

  3. Intel+AMD rule! Can't imagine such performance can be delivered by such a tiny machine.. Anyway, can you guys make a video about heat dissipation and temperature test?

  4. Could you show me Dead or alive 5 last round and Unreal tournament 3 black edition on the i7 model with fps, GPU/CPU usage and temperature, please?

    Oh, and… SteamVR Performance Test (i7 model).

    Thank you.

  5. What more do you wanna see from HiGame ? Let us know,pls.
    1) More games
    2) Productive softwares
    3)temperature test
    7) play with VR

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