BTS – HEARTBEAT Official MV Reaction – BTS WORLD OST 방탄소년단

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original MV link: BTS (방탄소년단) ‘Heartbeat (BTS WORLD OST)’ MV


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23 thoughts on “BTS – HEARTBEAT Official MV Reaction – BTS WORLD OST 방탄소년단

  1. UPDATE/EDIT : hi so for anyone who is upset because i got extremely hyped up for this mv and cried hysterically & paused a lot, just know that it's because I've already played the game & the scenes from this mv are pulled directly from the game's plot. plus, their success story means a lot to me. i always get so emotional when it comes to them and it's because of how much they've helped me over the past few months. if you don't enjoy extremely passionate reactions to bts, my channel will not be for you. but i appreciate your time, thanks so much! all love. -original post below-

    this means so much. I'm always in love with parallel universe concepts. how you're in completely different worlds but you can still cross paths with someone you know in another life. im so happy they provided new perspectives and how this could have been them. & now they've given us the opportunity to play in their world and manage/shape their success from the very beginning. ;-; It's so fun and sweet 🥺😫 Big hit is so freakin smart and I'm so happy the boys are with them. UGHHH all of these things, all their amazingly produced OST's, the game itself, the BOYS, the production, everything… the reason why we cry over this stuff is because they make us feel like we're not alone and they hit on serious issues that MATTER and messages we can carry for the rest of our lives. We get to learn and grow with them. Whether u discovered bts 6 years ago or just got a day into it, it doesn't matter because the beautiful part about this is that now we're all crossing paths too. we're all in this together and we all go through struggles and life is fucking hard, that's why it's beautiful and refreshing for them to encourage us through music and all their hardwork im SHATTERED RIGHT NOW I CANT BREATHE AND JUNGKOOK JUST POSTED A SELFIE WITH MINWOO ON TWITTER AND IM FUCKING DONE OH MY GOD ASLIKJDHASKLDFUJHlsdk fhkjSADFHASDFASDGDAFGDFGDFF IM CCRYING FOREVER peace pls pls pls ohnOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOpe no.

    help me pls – u can find me crying here on twitter @siriuspak i purple u so muchhhh

  2. Im new to army this made me cry because i played the game and all but when theres a fast slip i only recognize namjoonie i dont know there nicknames except for RM becuase i get way too confused anyone have any advice for me ? I really am starting to love them like how can you be so adorable and sexy at the same time? Please if anyone has any advice

  3. omg.. I've never follow any reaction's twitter account but I feel I'm relating to how you reacting their video, I love your reactions!

  4. bts army since 2012 right here since rapper JK and a one line jin and jimin in most songs but after "ineedu" and won their 1st ever music award with it, they blew. BTS from the boys walking around L.A giving out foods in the neighborhood, inviting random people on the street to their free concert to a being the biggest boyband on earth and sold-out concert.

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