Brand New "MUSOU DIFFICULTY?!" Update Version 1.32 Overview | Dynasty Warriors 9 |

DW9 just had an update! Going to go over what has been updated and going to give my thoughts on the update!!


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16 thoughts on “Brand New "MUSOU DIFFICULTY?!" Update Version 1.32 Overview | Dynasty Warriors 9 |

  1. It's alot better than day 1. Started playing again yesterday and the bodyguard system is actually pretty good

  2. Your gal is so weak. But to be fair this is for lvl 100 players who put their buffs, gems, food on them.
    Jia xu or zhang laio work well. And they die in 90 seconds, officers. And in cao pi story final chapters.
    Zhang laio breaks shield.

  3. Doesnt this game have the "slay" element for your weapon? In warriors orochi 4 chaotic enemies are literally tanky just like this however you have acess to powerful magic, transformations, rage arts and everyone has "Slay" on their weapon. So you can take down officers fairly quickly. Try playing warriors orochi 4 without slay on the tough missions that have lots of monsters and hyper officers and youll see they are just as tanky.

  4. Scale 1 to 10 how would you rank the game just ordered it and most ppl dislike it I figured you'd have something positive to say cus you're uploading content still

  5. I really wish this game was remade from the start or just scraped and instead they make a Warriors Orochi game with all characters and the amount of content of a game like DW8 xtreme legends CE

  6. The screen tearing in this game is ridiculous..I hope they re release this game on next gen with more powerful console so it can do the game justice..

  7. Adds new difficulty but doesn't add a way to mark your favorite gems or an easier way to increase your stats. It's like they add stuff without thinking if the players will think it'll be fun.

  8. Should be called Artificial difficulty tbh. I didn't take much damage than the Ultimate difficulty. Now with that new difficulty they're just HP sponge. There's no fun taking minutes to kill each officers. Plus the rewards aren't even different. I wish they could just make the most difficult difficulty similar to Pirate Warriors 3's, AI was really agressive if you wasn't attentive enough

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