Blade & Soul (NA) Assassin Skill Build – The Combo Master

It’s time for a Blade & Soul Skill Build! Rob calls this one the combo master and for good reasons! Lean the ins and outs of this build and you too can rend your foes with Fast Hands and Venomous Moths!

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In Game Names:
Wildstar: Latona Anotal
FFXIV: Rosenthal Hogire
Steam: Gooner492

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3 thoughts on “Blade & Soul (NA) Assassin Skill Build – The Combo Master

  1. You really outdid yourself on this video! Now that's what I call amazing! Proud to be a supporter of your work! Support my new content too? Thanks! You make it look so easy! 😀

  2. what about the 100 to 0 combos described by (yuketsuEU)?
    I think that this is a better way to "assassinate" people, but that's just my opinion.

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