15 thoughts on “Blade & Soul assassin pvp & pve skillbuild (lvl 45)

  1. Hi , I was wondering , what are "awakened" skills (the skills that assassins unlock at lvl 45) ? I just reached lvl 45 on my assassin and i don't realy see any changes. If any one could explain me it would be great 🙂 Nice video btw.

  2. Don't these system requirements mean quad-cores are gonna be hopping on the struggle bus to run this game even on low?

  3. The Ruskie server can be really fun again. Modding in there is worth gold xd Imagine a Gigantic fat gon male with a lyn female voice. Everything is possible with it :3

  4. Could you also make a guide on how to combo with an assassin? Everytime i try to combo i ran out of chi and can't get anything.

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