31 thoughts on “[Blade and Soul] Serpent Assassin Build and Rotation Guide!

  1. I took this video down at lunch today because of all of the complaints about the video being choppy or jumping. After watching it back when I got home from work, there is nothing wrong with the video on my end – the jumps are from editing out me saying things like "ummm" or "S#!t" or other deep breaths or chair squeaks or just straight up mistakes. Some of the cuts are very short, like half a second for editing out a chair squeak (0:43). I'm sorry for any viewing discomfort they cause. If you are seeing something that isn't a video cut, please put a time stamp instead of just saying "video is shit" so I can check with the original file and the edited file to see if there is something I did mess up on my end. I'm trying to make decent videos, so figuring out what may be causing the issue will be helpful to me. Thanks for watching everyone!

  2. Thanks for the guide, i just come back to the game after like a 1 or 2… in my skills i have Distortion and Scourge and under those 2 builde i have completly different skills. Am i missing something? did something changed in this 8 month? Thanks ahead for the answer

  3. really nice video. Im just gettin back into the game but i cant decide on a class. Stuck between Archer and Assassin. Can the Assassin match archers dps?

  4. Hi i'm a blade dancer liv 60 hm 8, but i can't swich skills like u do in your video why? I didn't complete the main story line right now

  5. He just explaining rotations for late gear higher tier geared players. for those who are just starting, I believe Dps rotations will be different depending on your gear. I'm a fellow assassin I believe time bomb should be used because I does reset yours poison stacks, also you can used lighting strike just before the the poison stacks ends. Then Repeat it until you gear more gear. The badges you get depends on your play style.

  6. So quick question. When upgrading the Glory Soul Badge isvthere are a reason to why you went Ancestral over Wildborne? I'm a returning player and no matter how much I look at it I only see more damage potential in the wildborne one?? thx for the awesome videos 🙂

  7. Is this guide still good?
    When pulling.. shoudnt u use X,4,v -> rmb+f for twin fang procs? I cant find anything about this.. And why is Time bomb not used?

  8. Hmm one thing I don't understand here is : Aransu Mystic Badge vs Skyrift Mystic Badge ?
    Which one should I get ? Which one is better?

    ( Sorry if this is a noobie question haha 😛 ) Btw nice video!

  9. Returning to the game and I'm very confused. Can I not change skill attributes anymore? Also I'm not able to swap skills? I dont see the options in my martial tome? haha sorry and thanks

  10. Thank you soo much. Have been looking for a guide on the new serpant for days. Subscribed for sure!
    Edit: Do you have any pointers on PvP combos/skill tree?

  11. just curious why you didn't mention Toxic Splash -> Twin Fangs/RMB. 5 stacks of poison and lots of damage. Also saves you from having to 3 Tab 1 Tab/3 Tab X Tab so often. Is there a DPS loss from using Toxic Splash that I'm not seeing?

    Nvm, I see you mention it after the badge portion. I skipped forward then back and missed it the first time through. Still sad that gunner works out so much better because of the poor design that hurts melee on 95% of bosses in this game =(

  12. Hey man, fellow YouTube guy here. Just wanna see I appreciate all your guides as a returning player. Really helps me a lot. Are you planning on doing any FM/Gunner one’s or have you made them alresdy

  13. u ll need to throw a venom slash in the opening cz the soul badge gives u 20% crit dmg when ever u cast venom slash and the optimal opening is ( x_4_v_4_3 and hold RMB )

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