12 thoughts on “[Blade and Soul] Introductory Lightning Assassin Build and DPS Rotation

  1. If the enemy has a poison stack on them then Hook kick (tab when out of stealth) adds one poison and puts you into stealth. Sidestep (Q) also puts you into stealth if you resit.

  2. Thank for video, i am a newbie, can i ask a question. Is assassin bad for late( after 45)?, In my sever, they chose FM a lot. I am very love assassin , if i just pve, is it a good classs for pve. Hoping that u can advice some things for me.
    P/s : sorry about my english ×_×

  3. Nice video, one thing i do recommend is not using 3 when stealth is about to run out in certain fight it could possibly get you killed, but over all it was good.

  4. Also if you are dps'ing from behind in stealth and run out.. if you are quick.. you can "1" and shadow dash back into stealth because distance was cut to 0 for it. You can also use 3 and bolt him giving you 10 more seconds of stealth. rotating these techniques and the ones you showed, you can keep you pretty much in perma stealth.

  5. yah it really helps i didnt' know skill 1 under stealth extends poison, its really useful and i'm using stealth – heart stab, F slash, and 4 ligghtning rod, seriosu damage, its working!! thx

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