41 thoughts on “Best Fighting Scene in Wrath of the Titans zues and hades together

  1. Humans have difficulties on fighting Kronos army, while these 2 gods are really just having fun, it's like "Out of my way boy!!" until they face their worthy opponent, their Father who's angry because they've forgot to greet him fathers day.

  2. “Death was circling you. That was the last time I’ll have the strenght to chase it away” I got so emotional in that part 😩😩😭

  3. The thing here is Cronos was coming and instead of the humans pray to Zeus and give him strenght no they Just left him there sometimes i wonder why we have brains if we wont use him

  4. Im looking at some comments about how they are only using a fraction of their power while Perseus kills Kronos with a strong spear. You must remember that Kronos is their father and he is the reason they even exist and have power. They are to him like Perseus is to them (In a way). The spear is basically Zeus, Hades and Poseidon's powers in one spear. That's spear is F*****g POWERFUL! Also about how Poseidon isnt there helping. Well he died about 1/4 or less into the movie and he is not watching them from the afterlife. According to the movie when a God dies there is no after life. There's just nothing / absence. That came from Hades mouth himself. Just like when u die in real life. That what this entire movie is about. Reviving Kronos in exchange for immortality. At the very end now that Kronos is dead Hades is a mortal man with no power. He tells Perseus that maybe he will be stronger with out it because of everything Perseus has done as a mortal man. That's the end of the gods and rise of man. Sorry I got carried away.

  5. You know its quite fitting that hades is the last surviving god, in his diminished but immortal state and with his humility restored, he becomes the merciful hand of death guiding humanity onward as the grim reaper. He ends up being the only god that gave a damn about humanity in the end. Which is fitting because that is exactly how hes depicted in myth, he really was the only greek god who respected mankind's existence.

  6. Where's Athena, Aphrodite, Persephone, Demeter, Artemis, Apollo, Hermes, Hestia and Hera ?
    Im sure theyre not dead yet if they combine all of their strenght and powers they will win for sure

  7. When will they learn we don’t care about the humans make a story with only the gods like the god and titan war Or a war between zues vs hadies vs posiden or posiden and hadies are done with zues and a war between Olympus vs the underworld and Atlantis

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