Ben 10 | All Alien Transformations & Ultimates | Cartoon Network Ben 10 Video Game (PS4)

Ben 10 All Alien Transformations and Ultimates!
Ben 10 Four Arms Transformation: 0:16
Ben 10 Overflow Transformation: 0:41
Ben 10 Upgrade Transformation: 1:07
Ben 10 Cannonbolt Transformation: 1:38
Ben 10 Diamondhead Transformation: 2:16
Ben 10 Grey Matter Transformation: 2:44
Ben 10 XLR8 Transformation: 3:16
Ben 10 Heatblast Transformation: 4:08
Ben 10 Stinkfly Transformation: 4:42
Ben 10 Wildvine Transformation: 5:29

Check out the full playlist of Cartoon Network’s Ben 10 Video Game:

Video Title: Ben 10 | All Alien Transformations & Ultimates | Cartoon Network Ben 10 Video Game (PS4)
Game: Ben 10 – PS4/XB1/PC/Switch


Why have one set of super powers when you can have TEN!? While on a seemingly endless summer vacation with his Grandpa Max and Cousin Gwen, Ben Tennyson discovers an alien watch, the Omnitrix. This amazing device gives Ben the ability to transform into any one of ten awesomely powerful alien heroes!


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47 thoughts on “Ben 10 | All Alien Transformations & Ultimates | Cartoon Network Ben 10 Video Game (PS4)

  1. The best part of this game is you can turn into one alien to another really fast and best you have in the game without buying it wait for it MASTER CONTROL!

  2. Ben 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

  3. Cannonbolt:who's up for a roll play?
    Me:The haters of this show course they are dumb asses for hating Ben 10 reboot

  4. If I were to design a Ben 10 game I'd make sure to include:

    -Ben starting off with a rebooted Omnitrix, that behaves like the original

    -a mechanic to select one of ten aliens like it was in Vilgax Attacks

    -a menu where you can unlock more aliens and decide which ones you want in your selection of ten like in Cosmic Destruction.

    -other unlockable temporary features, like longer time being transformed, shorter recharge periods, being able to switch aliens directly one or two times, randomizer function and lifeform lock

    -a reward for 100%-ing the game (either Master Control you can toggle on/off or Alien X, who can fly/swim at high speeds, teleport via, freeze time/enemies,

    -an open Bellwood main map to explore, along with other (through story) unlockable planets like Terradino, Encephalonus IV, Petropia, the Null Void, Galvan Prime and others, heck, maybe new ones.

    -a flight mechanic like in DC Universe Online (and an underwater mechanic that functions the same way for water-based aliens)

    -Bossfights with Albedo, Khyber, Attea, the Vreedles, Rojo, Psyphon, Psychobos, Dark Star, Animo, Eon, Subdora and Exoskull, Vulcanus, 6-6/7-7/8-8 Charmcaster, Hex and of course, Vilgax

    -The largest alien roster in a Ben 10 game so far, including

    -Heatblast (Can fly)
    -Wildmutt (Has a radar-like sense of smell that helps find targets, can climb walls)
    -Diamondhead (Highly durable, can build crystal constructs)
    -Xlr8 (Moves at double the speed of other aliens, has a sprint function that makes him behave like a high-speed car, good for travelling the map)
    -Grey Matter (Can repair or hijack machines or robots, can find hidden passages and is hard to hit)
    -Fourarms (Can lift and throw heavy objects, climb walls and superjump)
    -Stinkfly (Can fly)
    -Ripjaws (Can swim underwater at high speed)
    -Upgrade (Can take over mechanical objects like cars and enemies like robots and control them)
    -Ghostfreak (Can fly, turn invisible, intangible and take over organic beings and control them)
    -Cannonbolt (Can curl into a ball and do more damage the faster he rolls)
    -Wildvine (Can climb, swing on vines like Spider-Man)
    -Upchuck (Can eat objects, enemies and projectiles and launch them)
    -Ditto (Can spawn clones that help you fight)
    -Blitzwolfer (Can howl to stun enemies and climb)
    -Snare-Oh (Can tangle enemies and climb)
    -Frankenstrike (Can stun enemies)
    -Way Big (Can pick up and throw huge objects, shoots cosmic beam)

    -Swampfire (shoots flamable gas and fire)
    -Echo Echo (can clone like Ditto and stun like Blitzwolfer)
    -Humongousaur (throws objects like Fourarms, slower but more durable, grows bigger)
    -Jetray (can fly and swim at high speed)
    -Big Chill (can fly, turn intangible and freeze enemies)
    -Brainstorm (can levitate objects and target weakspots)
    -Spidermonkey (can climb, swing on web)
    -Chromastone (increased durability, absorbs energy based attacks, flies)
    -Goop (can stretch, swing, grapple, stick to walls, tangle enemies and fit through small spaces like Grey Matter
    -Lodestar (can levitate metal objects)
    -Rath (increased damage, funny fight banter)
    -Nanomech (can fly, fit in small Spaces and hijack machines)
    -Waterhazard, (can swim at high speeds)
    -Terraspin (can fly and swim)
    -NRG (increased durability, absorbs energy based attacks and flies when out of his suit)
    -Armodrillo (digs underground)
    -Ampfibian (flies and swims)
    -Jury Rigg (can hijack machines)
    -Clockwork (slows/stops/reverses time, freezes/slows down individual enemies)

    -Crashhopper (jumps very high and far, can walljump)
    -Shocksquatch (electric stunning punches
    -Feedback (absorbs energy based attacks)
    -Buzzshock (can fly and duplicate)
    -Bullfrag (jumps far and high, swings/grapples with tongue)
    -Pesky Dust (sents organic enemies asleep)
    -Whampire (spits corruptera at enemies to make them fight for you)
    -Gravattack (levitates objects, can fly)
    -Kicking Hawk (claws draw extra damage)
    -Arctiguana (freezes enemies)
    -Ball Weevil (shoots slime balls, rides ball that gets bigger)

    -a 0-%-chance of accidentally changing into Alien X (similar to Anti-Form from Kingdom Hearts 2, can fly/swim at high speeds, teleports via map screen, even between different maps, can freeze/slow down/reverse time/single enemies, fire cosmic beams, make enemies fight for him, levitate objects/enemies) with increases by 1% every fourth transformation or so, should the player turn into Alien X, the chance resets to 0% again

    -a reward for 100%-ing the game, either Master Control you can toggle on/off or a selectable Alien X (who'd still only have limited time, even with Master Control active, and the chance mechanic would be gone

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