Baron's Gate – Game Walkthrough (full)

Monsters and other evil creatures are taking over the lands to scare the people. You are called to fend them off in this RPG themed game called Baron’s Gate! You’re a powerful archer and your main goal here is to travel on each level or dungeon and finish it. You must get to the exit safely in order to complete the level. You will face different monsters along the way. Use your bow and arrow to slay them. Get to the camp and see if you can purchase new equipment for your archer. Your character can also obtain new weapons as you progress in the higher levels.


Baron’s Gate is an action packed shooting game that has you playing a hero in the medieval period, you need to explore the castle, delving deep into the dark and terrifying dungeons fighting skeletons, monsters and other evil abominations using only your trusty and old bow and arrow as a weapon against these vile creatures of the dark, explore the dungeons and discover hidden treasures, armor and an assortment of weaponry to help you out in your epic quest to save the land from the forces of evil, it’s not going to be easy fighting the forces of evil but you’re going to do it anyway as the fate of the land and everyone in it lies in your hands, no worries though as your weapons and armor can be upgraded, you can purchase better bows and armor and even magic potions that you can use against the creatures of the dark, they cost a lot of money though, money can be obtained by killing the enemies and opening treasure chests by the way, once you have enough you’ll have access to a plethora of bows and arrows available in the game, so come on and join the adventure, play the game and be the hero that you are here in Baron’s Gate.

Graphics and Sound

Baron’s Gate has beautiful graphics, character designs are awesome and quite detailed as can be seen from the hero to the enemies you will encounter in the game, environments are pretty too, each location is presented with a unique look from the structural designs to the coloring making it look really pretty and distinct as can be seen throughout the game, colors are great here, it looks really vibrant and sharp making look prettier even more, animations are quite smooth too, character and enemy movements are mostly fluid throughout, music and sounds are quite nice by the way, the in game music is cool to the ears while sound effects resonate all throughout the game, there’s never a dull moment here really, special effects on the other hand are quite simple, but it still managed to look quite flashy due to the rather dark environments in the game, overall, the game looks really pretty, it has very nice character designs and pretty environments.


Baron’s Gate is an action packed role playing game, and although you will only use you trusty old bow and arrow in the game, there are a lot of upgrades for it, there are a lot of enemies in every stage, you need to kill a lot of them to earn money which you can later use to buy cooler bows and arrows to upgrade your character’s weaponry, and magic potions too, it take quite some practice to use the bow and arrow as the enemies are not stationary and making those headshots is quite hard for a first timer, but given some time and a little practice, you’ll get better eventually, the game is not really easy, but not very frustrating either, this is just your good old hack and slash game, nothing more.


Baron’s Gate features beautifully designed graphics and visuals, it has a lot of different locations for you to explore, a lot of weapons and armor and other upgrades, a lot of enemies for you to shoot it out with, and it has simple and easy to learn controls to make the game more fun to play.


Baron’s Gate is quite fun, I enjoyed it a lot, i enjoyed the rpg elements in the game but most of all, I like the action the game brings, check it out if you haven’t played it yet, it’s a simple rpg and it’s really fun.

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