BANZAI! | Rising Storm (Red Orchestra 2) Gameplay

We finally get to embody the human struggle on a new custom map! It looks FANTASTIC! And I take part in my largest banzai yet! Enjoy!

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Rising Storm is a stand-alone expansion pack to Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad. The title focuses on the Pacific campaign of World War II. Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad is a World War II-themed tactical first-person shooter video game.

Thank you for watching! 🙂

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38 thoughts on “BANZAI! | Rising Storm (Red Orchestra 2) Gameplay

  1. very confusing not sure if I have rising storm or playing rising storm or do I just have heroes of stalingrad because they like to throw rising storm into everything ?…. wanted rising storm game of the year edition but steam say's I have it …LOL …start up rising storm but Heroes of stalingrad pops up .

  2. i saw this game for 20 bucks on steam. is it still alive and kicking? Im living in china i wonder if the chinese firewall blocks it

  3. I really really like this vid, cus it shows this guy getting better and better at such a good game and after awhile he starts sniping dudes left and right like nothing and even killing the powerful but dreaded flamethrowers.

    (and i know its really hard to play against Americans as the Japanese which make this video even more intense)

  4. See, I thought I saw a head there but I wasn't sure whether it was friendly or not, and then my dilemma was inexplicably resolved when you suddenly stood up. And now I know why.

  5. 5:55 "…I'm going to stay outside, i'm the Outside guy." more like the outside dweller *badum tchhh"…OK let's all agree this is a bad joke.

  6. lmfao and last thing Ryan: banzaiiiii between cover, living and giving away your position is worth way more than dying trying to creep, at least while attacking as Japs. Also you suppress. Also use suicide grenades, you get your ticket back (if you explode and get kill at same time). Also dive to cover with Alt when you have to get up and sprint away from grenades that land near. it will save your life sometimes. press c to crouch from prone first, otherwise you will invariably lurch forward and then instantly go prone again automatically, and die lying on top of grenade you are trying to escape from. I hate that fucking bug!

    I'm waiting for this game/series to be iterated with destructible environments. It would make game and map design to allow for much more dynamic play. Log bunkers and wooden huts surviving naval barrages? gtfo! Physics like this and the clunky Unreal cover system breaks the immersion in this game. And stamina of hero characters, especially hero flamers, is absolutely ridiculous. They seem to sprint like Usain Bolt on steroids, when (in real life) they had 43 kg pack on their backs and approached slowly and cautiously. Flamer is the ultimate troll class, too much easy mode. In skilled hands the flamer makes game balance go lopsided a little bit, even with pro knee mortars on other team. I know because I absolutely wreck with both and have ploughed nearly 2000 hours into this game. You end up learning normally not to attach to cover in this game (unless MG), which illustrates again how some rudimentary elements of the design are broken and cannot ever be fixed.

    still one of my favourite games of all time. needs a new engine to incorporate a little bit bigger scope like tanks for Asian and Pacific theatre (at least Allied) and even transports, wider and more vertically elaborate maps (tunnels and more urban environments), and maybe scrap the cover system or improve it, improve animations and cover/melee fluidity, etc., etc.? The core shooting mechanics and overall feel of this game are superb.

  7. The first five seconds of this video is just BreakTheVices in a nutshell: inexplicable optimism in the face of perpetual defeat.

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