BACK TO JAPAN | Rising Storm (Red Orchestra 2) Gameplay

It is time we revisit the Pacific… The more than I play RS2, the more I miss the fantastic maps of the original Rising Storm and Red Orchestra 2.. I’m not sure what it is exactly, but they seem to age far better than RS2 maps. Which game has the best maps in your opinion?

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47 thoughts on “BACK TO JAPAN | Rising Storm (Red Orchestra 2) Gameplay

  1. I don’t mind watching Rising storm gameplay. But the run animation with guns looks obnoxious lol, Rising storm 2 did a great job improving it.

  2. Makes me tear up with joy to see people are still playing this 😀
    Really wish someone would make a mod for Rising Storm 2 that would bring back Rising Storm 1

  3. RS is the best game – hands down. I got 3600 hours in RS and 1800 in RS2. Problem is that Tripwire do not support RO2/RS any more. That means no new ranked servers. Fx 40-1 changed server provider for better performance and then we couldn´t get a new ranked server from Tripwire 🙁 Btw. Sterling video as always

  4. @breakthevices
    Thank you for the video. Never played Rising Storm 1.

    Are you coming back to RS2 when the 3 new remastered RO maps are released (update 1.3)?

  5. -Not having his basic rifles on lvl. 50
    Playing only with full and semi-auto weaponry
    -Not a master in melee

    0/10 -would not banzai charge with

  6. Im with you on the expensive car things. Still driving my first car all these years later. One of those old Benz you see driving around Africa, thing will survive nuclear Armageddon. See no reason to spend money on something newer.

  7. You missed him. @9:05 you can spot his scabbard disappearing behind the boxes, also they didn't take the last point on that map, you can instant cap it if you blow up the radar dish on the top of the building :V

  8. vices bro once again kicking ass and taking names I watch this video then I had to go play rs1 let me know when you play Rising storm Vietnam bro it would be kick ass to fight by your side once again love the videos my bro

  9. RS2 would be much better off with some better server map rotation. Too many campaigns still on vanilla maps so you're stuck playing Hue, Hill 937, Cu Chi, Song Be, over & over until you die of boredom. I played quite a bit when I was injured in summer of 2018 and it was a lot of fun because a lot of custom maps, I think this was pretty similar time to Campaign mode being added. Anyways, I love campaign mode, but it is impossible to find a lot of the newer maps making their ways into them. Some of which I think are phenomenal.

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