7.23 Shadow Fiend back to Meta? | YaphetS SF Stream Moment #210

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Bu “YaphetS” Yanjun, also known as ‘PIS’ or ‘Perfect is Shit’.
He was considered the best Shadow Fiend player in the world at the height of his DotA career
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I will try my best to translate the voice chat.

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18 thoughts on “7.23 Shadow Fiend back to Meta? | YaphetS SF Stream Moment #210

  1. Yaphets bro how u can plsy this patch? Look At Map Look At Runs look At New items How and why you play this? This is not dota 2 anymore

  2. Hi, YaphetS, pls tell me, u try Shadow Fiend magic build in this patch? I know about "eul nerf", but i still play the way I used to and how I like it
    and raise mmr.

    Your opinion on magic SF in this patch is very interesting.

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