3CE's New Makeup Brushes – Edward Avila

3CE Brushes:

3CE Sponges:



Email: edwardgavila@yahoo.com

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45 thoughts on “3CE's New Makeup Brushes – Edward Avila

  1. I love how you start your videos so casually and calm, unlike other YouTubers who start their videos all hyper which is so cringeworthy

  2. I love your honest reviews! I'm really interested in your favorite or most recommended set of brushes that you use on the daily, i think it'll be super helpful too ^^

  3. Am I the only one that notices how he changes the tone of his voice? Like he switches it to a lower tone and then to a higher one omg I’ve watched too many videos in one sitting yall

  4. plus when concealer brushes are so thick, it’s hard to clean because the it won’t let the cleaner really get inside 😫😫 so you’ll think it’s clean until you separate it and alllll the concealer is still inside it

  5. Should I be rational and get just a couple of brushes…

    NAH this shit be 3ce imma get all of em(if u couldn’t tell, I’m a 3ce monster…)

  6. Anyone knows how Edward can use Animal Crossing in his video?? Those theme songs are my favorites and I wish I could use them too without getting in troubles.

  7. So while watching the video ignoring those brushes 😂 I don't know if you notice the background music? Or is just me hallucinating? I hear a tune for babue to get them sleep watta hell I tried to pause and hear if its just something alarm or his 😂 but anyways yeah 😂

  8. You can try to pull one side of the brush off (since they're probably glued down) and glue the other one that you like 🙂

  9. You should really review the Kaja brand. Especially the beauty bento bouncy shimmer eyeshadow trios and the cushion blushes in the shape of hearts

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