47 thoughts on “110807 Running Man Ep 55 – Suzy (missA) , JiYeon (T-ara) , Sulli Luna f(x) 1-3

  1. Tq Korean Netizen cause ur hater tweet make someone be bullied and make decison suicide herself. I believe Karma. Hope all of u will get it as soon as. RIP Sully. I m really sad heard about her news. My deep condolence and wish u peacefull at heaven. You did good job, 🙏

  2. people nowadays so judgemental. they always think they are better and perfect among others.. think before you judge someone you really dont know. you dont know how they suffer from what you say about them. there is so much hate in this world. we are all human. no one is perfect. this innocent young lady has so much life has to offer. when you are in the entamertainment i dustry you have to have a stoned heart.

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